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MONUMI is a team of dedicated people for whom work is a passion, and a child’s happiness is the greatest prize for the creation of toys that are fun but also, that teach. Careful selection of our specialists who develop resources both to very specific and artistic terms results in effective influence of our products onto intellectual development of children.

     We prepare colouring books designed for different groups of recipients, taking into account their aesthetic and intellectual needs.

About us


       An important element of the company is the production plant, where our colouring books are created with the highest quality standards maintained. Thanks to more than a hundred pairs of hands and hearts, we aim to meet the expectations of caring parents and as well as the youngest of recipients. In order to maintain consistent control over the quality of our products, we closely monitor the majority of the production processes.

       We consciously use modern equipment and carefully select raw materials to meet the highest standards of safety and that of being ecologically focused.  

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We are open to collaborating with new partners based on mutual benefits. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact us to set up a possible meeting or to begin cooperation.

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