Your colourful alphabet


Says A,
Give me a good large slice,

Says B,

A little bit but nice.

Says C,

Cut me a piece of crust

Take it, Says D,

Its dry as Dust!
Do you know the Apple Pie ABC? Letters are waiting for you and would like to invite you to play together! Colour, get to know all the letters of the alphabet, learn and have fun. Solve the crossword puzzle and practice writing all the new letters you know. Are you ready for a colourful adventure? We keep our fingers crossed, good luck!

Educational Drawing Board "My ABCs" XXL MONUMI

SKU: MPP-000302
  • Age: 7+
    Dimensions:: 120 x 80 cm
    Packaging: tube
    Tube dimentions: 65 x 8 x 8 cm
    Combined weight (box and packaging): 0,3 Kg


    EAN: 9788360162392

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