What would you like to cook today?


How about some breakfast for your dolls, a nice dinner for teddy bears or dessert for a toy rabbit? This is your kitchen, thanks to which you will bake delicious cookies, spongy muffins and sweet cakes. Treat your plush friends with your dishes. First, however, colour the kitchen in your favourite colours. It does not have to be white or black, like your grandma's or mom’s kitchen, yours will be special ... Maybe pink, purple or green? Colour the kitchen with felt-tip pens, crayons or paints, assemble it into the right shape, then place it in your room next to other toys. It's time to make something tasty!

Toy-colouring book "Kitchen" XXL MONUMI

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  • Display dimensions: 112 x 60 x 40 cm + demo product on top

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