Colour, build and even drive a digger!


A huuuuge colouring book that you will particularly love if you are friends with Bob the Builder. This colouring book shows ta construction site as well as the heroes who work hard every day from early mornings to late in the evening to build something incredible. Now you can also feel like a construction hero. What colour will the digger be? Will all the workers be dressed in the same coloured shirts? However, this doesn’t have to be the end. Other colouring books will take you on a journey through wild safaris, to the world of fairies and even the land of Santa Clause.

Colouring sheet "Construction Site" XXL MONUMI

SKU: MPP-000112

    Age: 5+
    Dimensions: 120 x 80 cm

    Packaging: tube
    Tube dimentions: 87 x 8 x 8 cm
    Combined weight (box and packaging): 0,3 Kg

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