How do you draw Animals from the Countryside?


Do you know what a chicken, a cow and a pig look like? Do you know how to draw them? It's not as difficult as you think. We have prepared a tutorial especially for you on how to draw a whole farm. A cow with patches and sheep with lush wool is not all that awaits you during your adventure with this book. Would you like to see what’s inside? It will surely provide you with a lot of satisfaction and joy. The book "Lets draw Animals from the Countryside" is full of hints and advice for everyone, regardless of age, which will help you to learn how to draw a cow, sheep and other animals living in the countryside. It provides a lot of joy, supports manual skill development and teaches concentration.

Book "Let’s draw animals " MONUMI

SKU: MPK-000205
  • Age: 5+
    Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
    Packaging: Etui
    Combined weight (box and packaging): 0.12 kg


    EAN: 9788360162927

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