Reach for the stars!


Can you see the moon hidden behind the clouds? Is that a dog sitting behind the control centre of that rocket-ship? Soon you will be able to see all of those curiosities from close up. You will soon remind yourself about the time you were getting ready for take-off while looking down at the front of the rocket pointing towards the sky. What colour will your cosmic growth chart be? Let your imagination run wild, colour the rocket with crayons, felt-tip pens or paints, hang it on the wall and mark how much progress you are making. The changes will be big, we promise! The stars are closer than you think. Soon, you will be able to reach for one of them.

Growth chart "Puppy rocket" XXL MONUMI

SKU: MPP-000201
  • Age: 5+
    Dimensions: 46 x 8 x 8 cm
    Packaging: tube
    Tube dimentions: 46 x 8 x 8 cm
    Combined weight (box and packaging): 0,20 kg


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